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We understand... you and your dog you and your cat now is the time to register your dog desexing cats leads to less unwanted kittens that every dog can bite that Good owners lead to good dogs that good cats have purrfect owners


Veterinary surgeons and microchip implanters

Information to be provided to the Dog and Cat Management Board

A person who desexes or microchips a dog or cat must provide the Board with the required information within five (5) days of carrying out the procedure. This can be done by:

  • Entering the mandatory information into the Dogs and Cats Online database; or
  • Creating a new animal profile in Dogs and Cats Online, if the dog or cat is not recorded in the Dogs and Cats Online database, and entering the mandatory microchipping information into the dog’s or cat’s record; or
  • Sending the Procedure Form to the Registrar for the council area within which the veterinary practice or microchip implanter operates; or
  • Giving the mandatory information to the owner of the dog or cat that is subject to the procedure.

The mandatory information required by the Board is:

  • Whether the procedure relates to a dog or cat, and
  • The name of the dog or cat, date of birth (or estimated date of birth), the primary breed, the primary colour, and the gender of the animal, and
  • The name and address of the owner, and
  • The name, address and contact details of the person or veterinary practice undertaking the procedure, and
  • (if applicable) The microchip number for the microchip inserted into the animal

Instructional videos and user guides available at the bottom of the page
Instructions on searching for an animal on Dogs and Cats Online (pdf 115KB)
Procedure form (pdf 133KB)
Request for access to Dogs and Cats Online


Registered veterinary surgeons can exempt a dog or cat from microchipping and desexing procedures if satisfied the procedure would:

  • Pose an undue risk to the health of the dog or cat
  • Adversely affect the growth, development or wellbeing of the dog or cat.

Penalties may apply to a registered veterinary surgeon who exempts a dog or cat outside of these parameters.
Exemptions can be recorded directly into Dogs and Cats Online in the animal’s record.

Resources available

Veterinarian Registration

User guide - Veterinarian registration (pdf 1.8MB)


Associate Myself with Veterinary Clinic

User guide - Associate myself with a Vet Clinic (pdf 3MB)


Request Association to My Clinic

User guide - Request Association to my Clinic (pdf 3.2MB)


Veterinary training session

The video below highlights changes made to DACO for vets, vet practices and microchip implanters in South Australia.

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