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New resources for renters with pets

Pet-friendly rental properties are being encouraged with tips and myth-busting resources now available online for landlords and tenants.
Around 60 per cent of South Australian households own a pet, producing a growing demand for pet-friendly rental properties.
The new resources provide helpful tips to renters on how to find pet-friendly properties and help bust the stigma and myths about tenants with pets.
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) spokesperson Clare Nicolson said the pet-friendly rental fact sheets take an educative approach to responsible pet ownership in rental accommodation.
“Having a pet can make it difficult to access a rental property, which can result in pets being abandoned as their owners move house,” she said.
“We hope the new resources will help build positive relationships between renters and landlords to fulfil a demand in the property market.
“There are some good reasons to consider allowing pets into your rental property such as the property may rent faster and people with pets are often willing to sign long-term leases.
“Also research actually shows that pet-related damage is not always a reality.”
The resources are available online at this link
The initiative was developed by representatives from DEWNR, the Dog and Cat Management Board, Housing SA, the Office for Women and Consumer and Business Services following a recommendation of the 2015 Citizens' Jury on Reducing Unwanted Dogs and Cats.