2022 Achievements

Achievements of 2022

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Register your dog or cat in Dogs and Cats Online

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You must register your cat, even if your council doesn't charge cat registration fees.

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Dog and cat breeder registration is changing. Learn more >>

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When your dogs and cats are microchipped if they get 'lost', councils, shelters and vets will scan its microchip, to match it to your record on Dogs and Cats Online.

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Our operations team also visited the University of Adelaide's student companion animal special interest group to talk about how we co-subsidise council cat desexing programs and help accredit assistance dogs.

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Do you remember when your dog had a different coloured registration disc each year? This was so council officers in the field could tell if your dog's rego was current. Now they can check instantly in Dogs and Cats Online (the state dog, cat and breeder register).

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We reviewed the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 on behalf of the Minister for Climate, Environment and Water which involved detailed discussions.

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We regularly consult with local councils who enforce the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995, the RSPCA, AWL and Australian Veterinary Association on dog and cat management issues. We are also visiting vets and offering support and resources.

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Elliston, Yankalilla, Peterborough, Gawler, Copper Coast, Salisbury, Charles Sturt, Mount Barker and Wakefield councils are offering affordable desexing to low income residents. The Board is also supporting 11 councils with breeder education and compliance initiatives.

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We held training sessions for council staff who help residents access Dogs and Cats Online and vets that enter desexing and microchip information to help their clients.

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Our publications for dog and cat owners provide advice on purchasing or adopting, pet needs for a healthy happy life, and local laws.

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Dog and cat management laws, council pounds and local shelter services are always changing. We are looking ahead to ensure there is infrastructure in place for misplaced animals over the long term.

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Our key dog and cat management stakeholders agreed breeding, cats and shelters could be updated in the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.

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The Malinauskas government made an election commitment to ban puppy farms. New rules for dog and cat breeding will commence from 1 July 2023.

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City of Charles Sturt's community dog education program (video case study for councils) | Dogs and Cats Online training for vets (2 video guides) | Dogs and Cats Online user guide for councils | Leash Up education package for councils (posters, signs, web and social media content) | Dog and cat breeding pamphlet | Social media dog and cat management education package for councils

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