2022 Achievements

Achievements of 2021

1 2021 Review
Visit our dog registration page for information on dog registration
2 2021 Review
Visit our cat registration page to learn why you should register your cat
3 2021 Review
Make sure your dog can’t escape and microchip your dog >> dog microchip page has details
4 2021 Review
Keep your cat safe at home, microchip and register your cat >> cat/registration page
5 2021 Review
Meet our Board members >> visit About/About the Board page
6 2021 Review
The dog and cat management laws are due for review mid 2022, you'll be invited to comment
7 2021 Review
Register your dogs and cats at www.dogsandcatsonline.com.au
8 2021 Review
There are 69 councils in South Australia who enforce dog and cat laws in their communities
9 2021 Review
Freeing up more time to deliver better initiatives which lead to responsible dog and cat ownership
10 2021 Review
Our industry partners use Dogs and Cats Online on a daily basis, its important they get the support they need
11 2021 Review
Keeping our industry partners informed about new resources and dog and cat management news.
12 2021 Review
Videos for dog and cat owners (resources page) and case studies for councils
13 2021 Review
Visit our resources web page for all our latest publications
14 2021 Review3
Fostering the next generation of dog and cat management professionals