Veterinarians and Dogs and Cats Online

Over 700 South Australian veterinary industry users enter desex and microchip details into Dogs and Cats Online.

Vets must inform the Dog and Cat Management Board of any desex or microchip procedures they perform within five days. This is quick and easy with Dogs and Cats Online. Alternatively, vets must complete and submit a procedure form to their council, or provide a certificate (which includes the details on the procedure form) to their client. Clinics who enter desex and microchip details directly into Dogs and Cats Online, save their clients the hassle of uploading certificates when registering their animals. Breeding details can also be captured on animals' records.

Why use Dogs and Cats Online

Quicker easier better: Entering microchip data and desex procedures online is easier than filling in a form and you save postage costs too. You can enter 15 digit microchip numbers effortlessly with a barcode scanner.

Get pets home fast: Data in Dogs and Cats Online helps thousands of pets reunite with their owners to bypass pounds.

Well resourced: Government funded with a dedicated team providing maintenance and support. More than 600 council and partner organisation administrators use the system daily, keeping the information current.

Everyone $aves: Purchase cheaper microchips and enter them direct with a barcode scanner. Owners can update their details themselves any time, and as often as they need, for free.

Help your clients: Pet registration is quicker and easier for owners when clinics record microchip and desexing information in Dogs and Cats Online.

Getting started

First register your clinic's veterinarian/s in Dogs and Cats Online—this takes less than three minutes. Then request access for clinic staff by email

  1. Register your clinic's veterinarian/s in Dogs and Cats Online >here<.
  2. Register clinic staff by emailing us your contact details and we'll be in touch.

Watch our short videos below to help get you started.

Video Guides

These two short videos explain how to get started and use Dogs and Cats Online.

Training and support

Please call (8124 4962) or email us for help. We often schedule training workshops (60-90 minutes) and might be able to tailor one specifically for your practice.

Order booklets, leaflets and more

You can order free publications and metal pet tags for your clinic below. These will be delivered free of charge within two weeks. A lightweight wall display is also available.

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Publications for vets

*The alternatives are: complete and submit a procedure form to your council; or provide the owner a certificate with details noted on the form.