About the board

Our role

The Board is a state government statutory body whose responsibilities include planning for, promoting and providing advice on dog and cat management practices. It oversees the administration and enforcement of the state’s dog and cat management laws.

The Board's expertise, research results and best practice knowledge, ensures South Australia's regulatory and legislative framework is reviewed and amended to improve dog and cat management across South Australia.

Meet the board

The board draws on a range of expertise represented by nine members appointed by the Minister. Each member is appointed for up to three years on conditions determined by the Minister. Members are eligible for reappointment after that term expires.

The Dog and Cat Management Act 1995, requires four board members to be nominated by the Local Government Association (LGA) and four members by the Minister. The Chair is jointly nominated by both the LGA and the Minister.

David Parkin
Dr Susan Hazel
Board member
Karen Rokicinski
Board member
Tegan McPherson
Board member
Brenton Thomass
Board member
Jamie Tann
Board member
Emily Dearsey
Board member
Jane Owens
Board member
Emma Siami
Board member


The Dog and Cat Management Board meets on the third Tuesday each month, except in January. Board meetings and workshops alternate every second month. The Board regularly holds its meetings at metropolitan and regional council offices.