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Registering dogs

All dogs over three months old must be registered within 14 days of taking possession the animal. You do this yourself at Dogs and Cats Online by following this easy guide.

First registration

You can register your dog by its microchip number which the breeder, shelter, vet, microchip implanter or previous owner would have given you.

If your dog’s microchip has not been added to Dogs and Cats Online, then you will need an electronic copy of the microchip certificate to complete the new registration.

Registration is easy and convenient, following the step-by-step guide.

When you register your dog for the first time on Dogs and Cats Online, you’ll receive a registration certificate and a grey disc with the dog’s registration number within 15 days. As registration numbers now stay with your dog for life, you can engrave it onto a permanent metal disc if you prefer. The registration number must be displayed on the dog’s collar when it is outside your property. Grey discs are only issued once. If you want a replacement grey disc, you can order one logged in to your Dogs and Cats Online owner account.

Changing ownership

If the dog has previously been registered on Dogs and Cats Online by another owner, it will already have a registration number. Ask the previous owner for:

  • the transfer code (they must transfer the registration to you);
  • the certificate of registration, or last renewal notice and;
  • the grey disc, or arrange to have the registration number engraved on a disc of your choice.

If your dog goes to a new home, you must transfer the registration to the new owner via Dogs and Cats Online. You’ll receive a transfer code to give to the new owner. The new owner will then need to log into Dogs and Cats Online to complete the transfer and registration using the transfer code you provided. Also provide them with the last certificate of registration and registration disc.

Registration fees

Councils set their own dog and cat registration fees. Significant discounts apply to dogs that are both desexed and microchipped.

The income from dog registration fees must be invested in dog and cat management activities only. For specific information, please contact your local council.

Dog registration expires 30 June each year and renewal notices are sent in July. Life-time dog registration is not available in South Australia.

Need help?

Follow the step-by-step easy guide to register your dog on Dogs and Cats Online. If you have further questions or need assistance registering your dog, please contact your local council.

Dog Registration information sheet