Guard dogs

Guard, patrol or attack trained dogs

There are three types of dogs which fall into the ‘guard dog’ category:

  • A guard dog is kept on a premises to guard and protect people at that location;
  • A patrol dog is kept under the control of a person to patrol a premises to protect people or property at that location;
  • Attack-trained dogs are dogs that have been specially trained or are undergoing training to attack a person on command. Attack-trained dogs support police or armed forces duties and are not generally seen in the community.

The person responsible for the dog is required to:

  • Keep the dog indoors or in an enclosure constructed to prevent the dog escaping from it;
  • Affix a specific collar to the dog at all times;
  • Keep the dog under the effective control by means of physical restraint when off the premises they are kept;
  • Display specific warning signs at all entrances to premises where the dog is usually kept warning people that an attack trained dog, a guard dog or patrol dog (as the case may be) is kept on the premises.