Greyhounds make great pets but owners have an extra layer of responsibility

There are additional requirements for owners of greyhounds under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.


Greyhounds are required to have a muzzle securely fixed to prevent them from biting any person or animal.

Greyhounds adopted through the Greyhounds as Pets SA are exempt from wearing muzzles, as they have passed an accredited behavioural assessment and have a green collar to signify this exemption. If you have adopted a greyhound directly from its trainer or breeder, it will be required to be muzzled in public.

If you’ve adopted a greyhound elsewhere and it has passed an accredited safety test, you can apply for a muzzle exemption from the Dog and Cat Management Board. The board has a policy and accredited greyhound behavioural assessment procedure for assessing greyhounds. If your application is successful you'll receive a photo ID card which you must carry with you when taking your unmuzzled greyhound outside its registered premises.

If a greyhound initiates an attack or harassment, the registered owner must notify their council and the Dog and Cat Management Board immediately. The incident will be investigated to determine whether the muzzle exemption should be revoked.

Effective control by physical restraint

Greyhounds are required to be under effective control by a leash of no more than two (2) metres at all times when outside of the premises they are kept. Off-leash areas (such as dog parks) do not apply to greyhounds, unless the greyhound is attending an authorised council greyhound off-leash event.