Selecting a breeder

Anyone who sells a dog or cat in South Australia must be registered as a breeder in Dogs and Cats Online, or provide you with the details of the breeder.

Check the breeder is registered

Before you purchase a puppy or kitten, check the breeder is registered in Dogs and Cats Online by performing a ‘breeder search’ (selected from the top menu). You can search by either the breeder’s name or breeder registration number. Both must be listed in any advertisement.

Anyone who breeds and/or trades in companion animals must follow the South Australian Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading Companion Animals to protect the animal’s health and wellbeing.

Do your homework

Taking ownership of a dog or cat can be a 15 year or more commitment. It is important you invest the time and effort to find a dog or cat that suits your lifestyle.

When seeking out breeders or adoption options, ask plenty of questions, visit the facilities where your puppy or kitten was raised and view the parents or ask about the dog or cat’s history, health and any temperament assessments.

Beware of scams

Scammers are known to set up fake websites or advertise on online classifieds and social media platforms pretending to sell sought-after breeds. They’ll take advantage of the fact that you won’t travel to meet the puppy or kitten in person and ask for up-front payments via money transfer.

If you suspect a scam, or believe you have been scammed, please visit scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam.