There are over 700 veterinary industry users across South Australia entering desex and microchip information into Dogs and Cats Online.

This information is entered directly into the animal’s record in real-time, saving owners the hassle of uploading certificates and improving registration rates. Breeder details can also be captured, providing a historical link on the animal’s record.

The following user guide and videos show practice staff how easy it is to record and access information in Dogs and Cats Online.

Vets must provide the Dog and Cat Management Board with details of desexing and microchip procedures they've performed within five days. This is easy with Dogs and Cats Online. Alternatively, they can complete and submit a procedure form to their council or provide a certificate with the mandatory information (marked on the procedure form) to the owner.


Veterinarians must register to gain access to Dogs and Cats Online.

Instructional videos

Setting up your clinic to use Dogs and Cats Online

How clinics use Dogs and Cats Online | Finding, creating and updating records