Registration questions?

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In South Australia, dogs, cats and breeders must be registered in Dogs and Cats Online. Owners are responsible for registering and keeping dogs’ and cats’ details up-to-date.

For specific information on breeder registration, see the breeder pages on this website.

Registration basics

Council are responsible for ensuring all dogs, cats and breeders are registered in accordance with the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. If you require any assistance with registration matters (including microchip registration, transfers, registration discs, payments, notices, etc.) please contact your local council.

Registration on Dogs and Cats Online is quick and convenient. You can log on any time and save yourself the trip to the council office. Of course if you need help, your local council can assist. To register online, have the following information (if applicable) on hand ready to enter.

  • Your email address
  • Drivers licence
  • Concession card details
  • Credit card or VISA/Mastercard debit card
  • Your dog or cat’s microchip number

You may also need and electronic image of your dog or cat’s microchip or desexing certificates if your veterinarian or microchip implanter hasn’t entered these details into Dogs and Cats Online.

Desexing and microchip certificates

In South Australia, most vets and microchip implanters will enter dog and cat desex and microchip information directly into Dogs and Cats Online, saving you the hassle of uploading this information.

If they haven’t, or you’ve moved from interstate, you’ll need to upload the desexing/microchip certificates to each animal record when you register them in Dogs and Cats Online. If you’ve misplaced the original certificates, you’ll need to obtain copies or acceptable verification documentation (contact your local council for more information). Your dog or cat’s microchip number and neuter status may be recorded on veterinary documents or invoices. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with your vet to verify the microchip and enter into Dogs and Cats Online, or visit www.petaddress.com.au to identify the private microchip registry who can issue a microchip certificate.

Annual registration fees

Each council sets their own annual dog and cat registration fees. Every council charges dog registration fees, but not all have fees for cats. Fee or no fee, you still need to register your cat's microchip in Dogs and Cats Online. You will receive a significant discount for registering a ‘standard’ (desexed and microchipped) dog. All revenue collected from dog and cat registrations is spent on dog and cat management in your local area and state-wide management.

The registration cycle

Registrations are valid until 30 June each year. In July you’ll receive a renewal notice by email, SMS or post (choose the method that suits you) and you have until 31 August to renew and pay the applicable fee. Dog, cat and breeder renewal notices are issued together to give owners the convenience of renewing from one single point on Dogs and Cats Online.

Dog registration

All dogs over three months old must be registered within 14 days of taking possession the animal.

You must be at least 16 years of age to register a dog.

You can register your dog by its microchip number which the breeder, shelter, vet, microchip implanter or previous owner would have given you. If your dog’s microchip has not yet been added to Dogs and Cats Online, then you will need an electronic copy of the microchip certificate to complete the new registration.

When a dog is registered in Dogs and Cats Online for the first time, the owner will receive a certificate of registration and a grey plastic disc with the dog’s permanent registration number within 15 days.

Grey plastic discs are only issued upon the first registration in Dogs and Cats Online. You can keep the grey disc provided or engrave this number on a metal disc. Your dog must wear a collar with the registration number attached when outside your home, but it’s good practice to keep it on at all times in case they get out. If you want a replacement grey disc, you can order one logged in to your Dogs and Cats Online owner account and selecting the animal record you wish to order a replacement disc for.

You must notify the council, or update the animal record in Dogs and Cats Online, if:

  1. The dog will be kept at a different premises
  2. The dog dies
  3. The dog has been missing for more than 72 hours
  4. The ownership of the dog is transferred to another person. New owners must be provided with the transfer code, certificate of registration (or last renewal notice) and the dog’s registration disc/number.

Life-time dog registration is not available in South Australia.

Cat registration

You register your cat in Dogs and Cats Online by its microchip number.

Keep your contact details up-to-date because microchips offer the best form of identification. If your 'missing' cat is found and scanned by council officers, vets or animal shelters, they can locate you through Dogs and Cats Online and return it to you quickly.

Unlike dogs, cats are not issued a ‘cat registration number’. Make sure your cat is identified with a collar and disc with your contact details when not at home, however we encourage you to keep it on at all times just in case they become lost.

If your cat goes to a new home, you must transfer your cat’s registration in Dogs and Cats Online and the provide transfer code to the new owner. The new owner will then need to complete the transfer in Dogs and Cats Online using the transfer code.

Breed listing

When you register your dog or cat, you’ll be asked to select its breed. Dogs and Cats Online uses standard breed lists to keep breed data consistent. For example, the list will only reference one breed name, eg. Alsatians will all be referred to as German Shepherd Dogs. If you own a cross breed, ensure the primary breed is the best descriptor.

How to register

Microchip implanters and vets can enter the microchip details directly in Dogs and Cats Online, the mandatory state-wide register. Make sure the person selling you the dog or cat has transferred the microchip in Dogs and Cats Online into your name (see Transfer a microchip record to a new owner).