About Dogs and Cats Online

Dogs and Cats Online is South Australia’s mandatory database for the registration of dogs, cats, breeders, microchip and desexing information.

Councils, veterinarians, microchip implanters, RSPCA and Animal Welfare League can record and access certain information in Dogs and Cats Online, and help return lost pets with registered microchips.

Dog and cat owners have 24/7 access to Dogs and Cats Online and can:

  • Register their dogs and cats;
  • Pay registration fees;
  • Keep their details up-to-date;
  • Transfer ownership to new owners.

Dogs and Cats Online is a collection of unique animal records linked to unique owner accounts.

Owner accounts

When you first register in Dogs and Cats Online, you create an ‘owner account’. Adding an email address allows you to log into your owner account and self-manage your details. Your dog and cat records are linked to your owner account. You can register new dogs and cats to your owner account as you welcome new pets into your home. Your username will always be your email address. If you forget your password, you can easily reset it. Councils can register dogs and cats for owners who don’t have an email address or internet access.

The following information is recorded on your owner account:

  • Your name, address, phone numbers and email address;
  • Your council;
  • Date of birth;
  • Breeder and business information;
  • Payment history.

Dog and cat records

Dog and cat records contain the following information:

  • Owner summary;
  • Microchip and desexing details;
  • Physical description of the animal;
  • Location animal is kept;
  • Where animal was acquired;
  • Control orders if applicable (dogs);
  • Any exemptions or accreditations.

Owners are sent annual notices to renew their Council registration or confirm their details are correct. Checking your details annually ensures that all dogs and cats have the best chance of being returned quickly if they are found wandering.

Private microchip registries

In addition to Dogs and Cats Online, owners may choose to register their dog or cat’s microchip on a private microchip registry. These registries are not associated with Dogs and Cats Online.


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