All dogs and cats must be microchipped with the microchip number recorded in Dogs and Cats Online.

Microchipping is the most effective form of permanent identification for your dog or cat.

Microchips have a unique identification number which is associated with the owner’s contact details when entered into Dogs and Cats Online. It will last a lifetime so if your dog goes to a new home, or you change address, this information must be updated in Dogs and Cats Online.

It's compulsory

In South Australia, all dogs and cats must be microchipped and registered in Dogs and Cats Online. Puppies and kittens must be microchipped:

  • Before it is sold, or;
  • Before it reaches 12 weeks of age, or;
  • Within 28 days of an owner taking possession of the dog or cat, or;
  • If a veterinarian has granted an extension of time, before the extension of time has expired.

Chip Blitz periodically schedules events with councils across the state where you can get your cat microchipped for $10. Check their website future dates and locations.

Microchip benefits

Should your dog or cat become lost, its microchip will help identify you as the owner so you can be reunited. The microchip number can be searched in Dogs and Cats Online. It is important you keep the details in Dogs and Cats Online up-to-date, if you move house, change phone numbers or your cat goes to a temporary or new home so you can be contacted if your cat is found.

Councils may offer a discount for dogs and cats (if applicable) that are microchipped and desexed.

The process

A vet or microchip implanter can implant a microchip. To complete a microchip registration on Dogs and Cats Online, follow these simple instructions.


Vets may grant an exemption from microchipping on the grounds that it would pose an undue risk to the health of a dog or cat, or that it would adversely affect the growth, development or wellbeing of your dog or cat. For more information you should contact your vet.