Owning a cat

Cats are a popular pet choice. Around 27% of Australian households have at least one cat*

Cat ownership is a commitment for the life span of your cat which could be 15 years or more. You are responsible for their food, water, shelter and activities, minimising its impact on your neighbours and the environment.

Choosing a cat

In South Australia there are laws regulating the breeding and sale of cats. Breeders must be registered in Dogs and Cats Online (you should check to see they’re registered) and include their breeder registration number in any advertisement. If you are buying a cat from a breeder, check out our selecting a breeder page.

Don’t buy a cat or kitten on a whim, do your research. This could include a visit to your local animal welfare organisation, shelter, rescue group or breeder to see the conditions or facilities the cat or kitten has been raised in.

Desexing and microchipping

All cats must be microchipped before sale. All cats born after 1 July 2018 must be desexed before 6 months of age.


In South Australia, all cats must be registered in Dogs and Cats Online by their microchip number. Not all councils charge cat registration fees. You just need your cat’s microchip number to get started. If you need help, follow the easy guide on the cat registration page.


Our Cat owners handbook provides detailed information on cat care, strategies for preventing cats from causing a public nuisance or injury, the legal requirements for owning a cat in South Australia and more.

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