Update on dog and cat breeder registration changes

In November 2022 the Dog and Cat Management Board (the Board) advised there would be new rules and processes to meet the government’s commitment to ban puppy factories and introduce stricter standards for breeding.

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Registration of breeders will continue to be managed on Dogs and Cats Online, however, breeders will also be required to provide further information via a separate breeder application as required by the Board.

The Board will contact breeders directly in a staged approach to allow the Board an opportunity to work with breeders to collect the information required whilst providing dedicated assistance to breeders to support them through the transition process.

The additional application requirements may include but are not limited to; declaring any animal investigations or offences, stating the number of animals owned as part of the breeding program, completion of an education module, and for certain breeders providing management plans relating to breeding operations.

The Standards and Guidelines for Breeding and Trading of Companion Animals limits 5 litters per female dog, and 8 litters per female cat. A new requirement to record each litter against its mother will be introduced to allow this limit to be enforced.

The condition implemented on 1 September 2022 of 50 fertile females per breeder, per site for new breeders is now applicable to all breeders. The Board will work with any breeders affected by this cap, giving appropriate support to meet the limit.