Hooded Plovers

When you're going to the beach, please watch out for 'Hoodies'

Going to the beach with your dog?

It's nesting season for the hooded plover. Please keep you eye out for these vulnerable little beach-nesting birds. They make their nests between spring and summer. Hoodie eggs and chicks are well camouflaged on the sand and can be easily crushed. You may not see a nest or chick, so please walk at the water's edge and look out for signs.

What you can do

  • Leash your dog and walk at the water’s edge.
  • Don’t enter fenced areas or nearby sand dunes.
  • Don’t sit or remain near fenced or signed areas.
  • If driving is allowed, go slowly, stay as close to the water’s edge at low tide as is safe and do not park next to fenced areas or signs.

For more information, visit Birdlife Australia.